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da plague is spreading

March 14, 2009
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So, last week we were very busy. This week… I’m reminded of the dark ages. I spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday and Thursday I would have killed for a Stephen Hawking-esque voice box so people could understand me better. Omelettez has been struggling with the flu this week as well, so it’s been less breakfast at war than it has been ‘laying in bed with a damp towel on my head’ at war.

We finally leveled out of tier 2 on our Blackguard and Disciple though. No more topping damage and healing at the same time every scenario. On the bright side though, no more Mourkain. I love deathmatch/murderball games, but come on fix the lag and fix Engineers already. I’d rather visit the dentist now because the whole scenario is just lag lag, oh look at all the AOE dots. Oh look more lag, sweet I’m dead. Wait, if I keep dying why am I our top damage? Seriously, fix Engineer or fix the lag and I’d probably just keep remaking characters to play in tier 2, it’s the perfect balance of people who are starting to understand what they’re doing and idiots who decided to queue scenarios that morning. Makes for fun times, much more than at tier 1 where even the best player ever isn’t going to help much at rank 1… though, all the healers are pretty useful in T1 after rank 3. So..

Anyway, we’re finally starting to feel well again and probably finally back from our 2 week pseudo-hiatus. I might even make a coherent post this weekend since I can sit up for more than 30 minutes at a time.


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  1. Ventris permalink
    March 15, 2009 8:16 am

    Hope you guys get well soon. Iridar and I have decided Sat night is Badlands night. Hope to see yous twos soon.


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