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The results are in!

April 11, 2009

So the poll is now closed and here are the winners.

  1. Woes of tanking – 20
  2. How to make a perfect omelette – 18
  3. Ups and downs of guild searching/Time played vs skill – 11
  4. Some random adventure in WAR with Pancakez – 6
  5. Professions vs a waste of time – 3

I promised I would write about the top two, and I’ll keep that promise! Hopefully by the end of the day I will have a post on the woes of tanking. I originally wanted to take pictures for the perfect omelette one, but SOMEONE in my apartment at ALL THE EGGS *facepalm* So that one might take a bit longer than I expected.

Either way, thanks a bunch for voting, guys! Much appreciated!


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    April 11, 2009 9:51 am

    What I voted for did not win. That means this system was either not democratic, or it was TOO democratic. I’m taking these results to the supreme court. *shakes fist*

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