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Top 5 Bucket o’ Lawlz – 4.10.09

April 10, 2009

This week has been more serious business for me than lawl-tastic. As mentioned earlier, my art history class is making me brain dead. Thankfully, we went over documentary films yesterday instead of cyborgs and Blade Runner for the fifth time. Yes, I understand Roy is considered a Christ figure. Yes, I understand the use of excess images through advertisements. Yes, I understand the struggle between nature and city, what is real and not real. Yes, I understand the importance of the eye. I do not need four hour and a half classes to beat it into my head.

Because of that, I haven’t been able to think when writing posts. Most of them have been like, topics on RvR and then the first sentence would be like “RvR reminds me of cyborgs.” …wait, what? So hence why I put this up. So far the leading topics are the woes of tanking and how to make a perfect omelette. I better run to the grocery store and buy eggs because I know we only have one left.

Enough of my talking. Onto the lawlz!

Number FiveWhy do you hear so much crying about how BWs are overpowered
Best Quote. you can argue if they’re OP or if they’re balanced or whatever. At the end of the day, they still look like tossers so meh. I mean, they cut up a metal cage, put it over their heads and call it a helm. /logon Sorceress.

It’s sad that people try to take “QQ OP” threads so seriously. Thankfully there are a few posters who find the humor in it and save the thread from boredom. What’s awesome is people arguing over WARDB and what’s the right number or not. It never gets old. *munches on some handfuls of popcorn*

Number Four. order are so overpowered that destruction cant even take forts
Best Quote. Caught us again. We’re terrible players and your l33tness has destroyed us and are tiny epeen’s. Please great one, spare destro from your wrath!

Order is so overpowered to the point the Destro on OTHER servers (European, mind you) can’t even take forts. Keep in mind this thread was started in the Badlands server. Awesome way to flag yourself looking like a moron. It evolves into this huge mess from “lol step out of RoF nubs” to kill ratios factoring in with skill. Buh what? A good read, but too bad it’s short.

Number Three. It is now time to remove RF/BE from books/chalice
Best Quote. I have a better idea. Let’s take away all DoK & WP melee healing abilities and REQUIRE them to always equip their book/chalice. If we remove their channeled melee heals as well as their “lifetap” attack styles, their survivability would drop low enough that, like the other healing classes in the game, they would be killable by a reasonable number of attackers. If you make them easier to kill, their healing isn’t as big of a deal.

First people complained about RF/BE regen and it was impossible to heal. Now they add it and they’re OP. So let’s remove it again and start from square one, it’s so simple! …right? *facepalm* I’m glad people found this as ridiculous as I did, like the dude who said the above quote. Ah, how I love reading people coming up with ideas to improve WAR. *munches on more popcorn*

Number Two. Remove BWs and Sorcs
Best Quote. Remove the BW and Sorc, let people having one get another toon with same level, free of choice. Or remove AOE from magic attacks completely. (30 posts later) No, I dont want the removal of these classes.

The above quotes are by the same guy, who is also the OP. He contradicts himself constantly and I love it! Not to mention our beloved Frank (aka PhoenixRed) posted in it, basically going lolwut? That only adds to the epicness! Awesome thread. Definitely worth that bucket of popcorn.

Number One. High Elves are racist, man.
Best Quote. Thankfully this game is set in the old world and not 2009 American/Europe. Otherwise the next order career would be the bright lawyer and Slayers/Mara/Chosen would be able to be female coz of equal opportunities.

I really shouldn’t be doubling over laughing at this post, but it’s seriously hysterical. Definitely not for the light-hearted, but it’s worth it. I know it’s short, though it packs quite a punch. By far one of the best reads I’ve come across in a while. Get your soda out for this one!

Would you like to contribute to the Top 5 Bucket o’ Lawlz? Omelettez would love you help, especially seeing she does not read every single server or class forum. Feel free to reply to the thread or PM Nnucifera at Warhammer Alliance with a lawl worthy link to a thread and it could be on the Top 5 list next week, along with a mention to you and your website, if you have one.


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  1. April 10, 2009 9:49 am

    My favorite part of #2 was the OP contradicting himself as pointed out:

    OP: “I am an dedicated PVPer, coming from many MMOs and participating in highend pvp. DAOC, WOW..and now warhammer online.”

    Frank: “You lost me here when you started contradicting yourself.”

    DaOC, WoW … highend PvP? No EO? No UO? Planetside? Wut?

  2. Omelettez permalink*
    April 10, 2009 10:03 am

    I KNOW!

    I was reading it over and was like, “Wait… did he just contradict himself? Like ten times?” I’m so happy Frank called him out on it, and even happier that he didn’t close the thread =D

  3. April 10, 2009 10:32 am

    Bah, number 4 was idiotic and I play Order on Badlands. From what I’ve seen this last week, destro gets to the fort and then doesn’t show up with the full attack group. Maybe I just haven’t seen their “real” pushes though. But it’s not surprising. There is an accepted body of common wisdom at this point which states that Bright Wizard’s AoE is destroying oRvR, making it pointless. So I’m not surprised that people decided to level a choppa, start another alt, or grind PQs for gear until the next patch. I think all will come out fine in the end. 1.2.1 will help quiet the masses a bit, and 1.3 should be able to fix any lingering issues.

  4. April 10, 2009 10:48 am

    What struck me as amusing in number 4 is the fact that they linked pictures showing the European sever capturing Karl Franz as a way to poke at Destro on their own server. Has nothing to do with Badlands.

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