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Top 5 Bucket o’ Lawlz – 4.3.09

April 3, 2009

The other day was April Fools and we had a blast with it. If you haven’t checked out the WCPI post on what other bloggers did, go check it out. For being a WoW blog for one day, we noticed we got considerably massive amounts of spam. Especially Viagra spam. And oh my god, for the millionth time… no, you don’t need it, Pancakez.

Enough about spam. Onto the lawlz!

Number Five. Magus is so OP!
Best Quote. I had a Magus crit me for 1127 the other day. I was like wtf magus arn’t allowed damage.

I tend to hunt for “Blah blah blah is OP!” posts, because that’s usually a flag for lawlz. And then I activated someone’s trap card. Damnit! I wish I could say more, but the post is barely a page long, so the lawlz are short-lived but definitely worth a handful or two of popcorn.

Number Four. How to flip a zone.
Best Quote. pool of purple pwn hits just as hard as rain of rocks on your head. I’m sure the 50% radius is completely to blame for order > destro right now.

Here we go! A nice long post on zone flipping. Everyone knows how it works, but when it’s broken down and explained to everyone, it’s hysterical. People going back and forth about which side turtles more, which guilds do, so on and so on. Then more people try to come in and explain everything all over again. Someone just needs to make an illustrated version of zone flipping and call it a day. Pancakez! Make me gifs!

Number Three. What Makes Order Overpowered.
Best Quote. Since we cry less we are more hydrated therefore can play harder!

Another “Blah blah blah is OP” thread. Had to read it. Some of the mirror comparisons made me facepalm, along with the constant “Nu uh, Destro is OP!” comments. Someone at one point just says “You guys just need to play better, hurhur.” Ah, classic OPness. And it’s a long one, so a bucket should last you on this one.

Number Two. The reason Disciples are overpowered.
Best Quote. Oh good our secret about all the orgies with hawt DoK chicks is safe still.

It’s hard to come across threads where every post is a lawl worthy post. This one definitely has that quality to it. A must read. Get the soda out for this one. You’re going to need it!

Number One. One Arena thread, to end them all. and WAR needs small group pvp.
Best Quote. Again, not sure who got confused and thought this was a solo PvP game. “What’s this RvR thing you speak of? What do you mean by teamwork? That’s ludicris!” 

Ok, I know arena is a touchy topic, but the lawl factor is not so much in the posts, but the poll information, hence why there are two links. Grrr, arena is bad! We don’t want it! But WAR needs small group pvp…. Wait, what? Seriously?! I couldn’t stop laughing. The posts people have to say are nice, too, and when I came across the best quote in the threads, I noticed the person had a green name (WCPI member). And then I realized it was Nosmo! So there you go, dude. You’re on the lawlz and it was totally by accident.

Would you like to contribute to the Top 5 Bucket o’ Lawlz? Omelettez would love you help, especially seeing she does not read every single server or class forum. Feel free to reply to the thread or PM Nnucifera at Warhammer Alliance with a lawl worthy link to a thread and it could be on the Top 5 list next week, along with a mention to you and your website, if you have one.



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