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wcpi spotlight #5

March 23, 2009

Well, I’ve been too busy to complete the wall-of-text reward animations, but as Omelettez mentioned we really should take a bit of time out to give back to the community. So today we’re featuring three articles that caught our eye.

First is Werit’s Fixing AOE article. I really like this article because it does point out one of the current ‘big deal’ balance issues. AOE is always a touchy subject in games and for pretty good reason.  I do think a few of the issues were looked at in the wrong way, but it’s still a good article. My solutions to the two problems he presents would actually be much different. In the first one has to find a reasonable damage level, which is what’s causing a lot of the current issues. The basic question of AOE damage is this: How many targets should an AOE require before it is more damaging than single target would be? So, how many should it be? In most games you’ll see this around four, though sometimes this is higher and made up for with high efficiency. In WAR you’re looking at abilities which deal more than half their single-target counterparts damage. The other problem he poses I think is a much simpler answer: Force ground-targets to obey line-of-sight.

The second article is I’m Not Hardcore, I’m Microcore. It’s from Epic Slant and I have to say I really connect with this article. I definitely was a fan of Blizzard’s decision with their expansion to allow 10 man guilds to participate in all content. I agree with the rewards being smaller, but the ability to see content with your close-knit group? Great idea. If we were still playing WoW, we’d probably be running our own 10-man guild. We’re not though, so the idea that options should exist in WAR to play a small-group game is excellent. I really dislike ‘the mob’ where low-skill players can hide and still be rewarded. It happens in big PVE raids, it’s the norm in ‘RVR’ I’d really love to see more companies catering to people who want skill based gameplay without needing Mousesports sponsorship.

Finally over at Shadow WAR is I tried it, and I liked it about rejoining the Disciple of Khaine ranks. Playing a DoK myself I can definitely see the frustration with stat spreads. I feel a bit bad when I see high rank DoK’s using equipment with offensive stats worse than my rank 23 DoK and it really draws me back into some old debates about gearing. Where are the rational high-end sets for these classes? Hopefully all the classes are brought up to a point where their biggest concern is being given proper gear to play with. I think the game would be in a really good state if that were to happen.

So, to all you readers, cheers. Hope you enjoy those articles as much as we did. We’ll probably be back to ‘normal’ blog activity after Wednesday. Until then, I’m off to commit random acts of cannibalism on some unsuspecting breakfast goods.



As Pancakez mentioned above, we have some awesome spotlights going on. First there’s the AoE post, and while I’m not entirely mechanic savvy, I still understand that there’s something not entirely right with how AoE is working right now. I still like that idea someone made that I spotlighted at the Bucket o’ Lawlz, then again I’m a sadistic bitch who just wants to be the team killing f-tard. Either way, it’s refreshing to see someone’s intelligent input rather than trolls smashing their heads into the keyboard on the forums.

I wish I knew Ferrel in person, because then I could give them a big hug. I loved this post on microcore. It sums up exactly how Pancakez and I have been feeling about gaming in general lately. Just because we’re not on every second doesn’t mean we’re not hardcore, but when we are on, it’s serious business (except that one time I dinged 12 in an warcamp and instantly turned into a chicken *grumblegrumble*). While I don’t like games making content “easier” for the casual crew, I do like games downscaling things so you don’t need an army to take on a bunny. You guys remember old school Molten Core? All 40 people backed up into that one corner? Dear lord, how did we manage that? Either way, cheers for microcore!

And then Shadowwar made a post on trying out the DoK. A lot of good points were made on the stat allocation for the class and made me happy that I only worry about three main ones for my Blackguard. Also hope your lag doesn’t bog down on your will to play. Either way, it looks like you’re having fun, so I’d stay stick with it! Best of luck.

As Pancakez said, after Wednesday everything should pick back up again. I probably won’t be posting again until then. Have a massive portfolio review on Wednesday and while I have the rest of the day off when it’s done, I’m probably either going to crash or force Pancakez to play WAR with me until I do crash. I want to pawn faces, damnit!


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  1. ShadowWAR permalink
    March 23, 2009 12:43 pm

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. March 23, 2009 1:14 pm

    WTF?! I AM NOT A NOM! D=

  3. March 23, 2009 3:00 pm

    Thank you kindly for the mention! I think, in the future at least, we’ll see more small raid content. I truly believe the market is there for it. Lets face it, the older we get the harder it can be to align the stars for that many people.

    My guild members are frequently married, have children, work a job or two and go to college. It makes it hard to pin down more than about sixteen of them at once.

    Although it is pretty funny that we’ve all been together so long we’ve grown into that situation! I very much remember when a large group of us was in college and could pretty much play whenever for whatever length! Oh to be younger once more -_-

  4. pancakez permalink*
    March 23, 2009 3:38 pm

    It’s not only the stars involved for these big raids, it’s the logistics. When people begin to accept the reasons small-raid material like Karazhan are popular isn’t a lack of skill the cost-ratio will definitely make it profitable for companies. You can design something much more compact without worrying about (literal) headroom and tweak it much easier given that you aren’t required to design against a large force. It makes for an attractive design composition indeed. Definitely great to see companies making that effort. Though, I’m still of the stubborn belief that battlegrounds/scenarios and the like are the perfect model for this type of small-scale instancing. The grunt work is definitely there.

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