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Poll results

March 18, 2009

Poll is now closed and the results are as followed:

  1. Balance between mirror classes and hybrid classes (TIE – 13)
  2. Using shields vs greatweapons (12)
  3. Why I really hate RvR and game lore vs game design (TIE – 7)
  4. Crowd control (4)
  5. Improving patch test cycles (2)

He said he’d have one of the top ones written up by Thursday.


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    March 18, 2009 10:11 am

    You heard the lady. The winners are:
    1.) Hybrids / Balance between mirrors.
    2.) Using shields vs greatweapons.

    As mentioned before I can’t write all three of those articles today, but you are getting a two-in-one later this evening. That will be Hybrids and Using shields vs greatweapons. Balance between mirrors will be posted tomorrow, in the evening again most likely. The agenda for the three mirrors to be spotlighted is as follows: Engineer / Magus, Black Orc / Swordmaster, White Lion / Marauder. Because I’ll be spending extra time on that article I’ve added a fourth pairing that I selected at random, which will be Bright Wizard / Sorceress.

    Thanks for voting and as always thanks for reading our blog.

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