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That dude over there posted something about the blah blah blah of the game

March 15, 2009

As Pancakez has mentioned earlier, we have been rather sick this past week. On top of that, I’ve had various projects due last week, which only made things work. Thank god for spring break. Now if only the internet at home wasn’t a bunch of crap…

Something I finally got a chance to sit down and read was Mark Jacobs’ State of the Game thingy over at the game’s main site. I’m sure a lot of you have read through it already, so I’m sorry for finally getting to it now. I had skimmed over it before when it first came out, shrugged, then went about my life. Nothing really caught my eye in the massive wall o’ text. I wonder if Mark reads Pancakez’ posts and took a tip from him.

The post is rather optimistic, though at the same time I feel as if it was only optimistic due to the fact some things are left out. If they were added into the address, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as cheery. He mentions the first LIVE expansion, patch 1.2, and how it’s going well. Never talks about the test servers and if that went well. Completely avoided it. I never went onto the test servers, but I know Pancakez had some very negative things to say about it along with a bunch of other bloggers. The number 400+ is also thrown around a bunch to show “Look! We fixed that many bugs!” Ok, that’s nice, but there a still bugs out there, some that are more dire than the ones they already fixed. I’m glad to see that they wish to continue to fix bugs, and they better damn well for it’d be a shitty move if they didn’t, but I wish they would pick which bugs to fix better. Also, no comment on subscribers, which I know was a huge concern before. Are there more or less of us? Does it even matter? Guess Mythic isn’t going to cough that up for a while.

Then there’s the “Eleven Enticing Enchantments” that is posted shortly after. Basically to show the players that they’re trying to be innovative with what is already in the game, yet still patch up on things that need to be fixed. And here’s the order in which things were addressed:

  1. Client/Server performance in RvR. I’m happy to see this on the list. We haven’t reached T4 yet, but reading from other players and their experiences it seems like a nightmare. I’m happy I have a state of the art computer and can run everything at max settings no problem, but that’s not the case for everyone. Not being able to take part in RvR because you’re getting the PowerPoint presentation version of WAR sucks. Hopefully this will fix a ton of problems people are having.
  2. Bug & Polish. Thank god, that’s all I have to say. Mythic left a lot of bugs unfixed in 1.2 and knowing that they plan to keep working on them is a good sign. I hope they fix that hair clipping through bewbs thingy. Hair does not work that way!
  3. Open RvR in general. The concept of rewarding people for player killings is great. It’s a step of some sort towards eliminating the PvE trains in WAR. I am also for anything that rewards me for killing people I hate on the other side. Healers on Order side on Badlands, I’m looking at you!
  4. Keeps in general. Not entirely the changes I would want to be made for keeps, but it’s better than nothing. I wish they could impliment something that forced people who were defending inside to go outside and attack the incoming wave of offense instead of sitting at the top going LOLOIL.
  5. Keep Defense. Well, that was a quick blurb about what they want to do. Rewards for people defending sounds good to me.
  6. Battlefield Objectives. I’m glad to see they want to improve these, because right now I feel like BOs are a bit meh. People seem to primarily go to them to gain control of the zone, and that’s it. All the other goodies are at the keep, so why go for the BOs?
  7. Zone Capture. They need to stop listening things that I mention above directly after, dear lord! I honestly don’t pay that much attention to zone domination, so anything to make it look better would be a plus.
  8. Zone Capture Rewards. Oh hey… they could like… give me rewards… that would make it look better. *facepalm*
  9. City Raiding for fun and profit. I was hoping that they’d say we’d get paid monies for playing WAR, but not the case. *snaps fingers* I like the “less PQ, more RvR” mentality that they have. Hopefully they’ll stick with it! More RvR is always fun.
  10. Career Balancing. I kind of tilted my head to the side and went “huh?” when they mentioned this after all of the RvR stuff. I feel like in order for RvR to be more badass, there needs to be more balance in careers, and vice versa. I mean, all the above was pretty much RvR-related, but it feels weird to have this at number 10. There’s a bunch of abilities, tactics, gear, yadda yadda that need to be looked at. I don’t even know where to start with all of it, but actually saying that it needs to be done is a start.
  11. Scenarios. …..wait. What? Why is this last!? All they mentioned was “Yeah, we’ll make more scenarios” and “We’ll keep refining scenario experiences.” Ok, unless they start kicking out all Engineers in Mourkain or something, they better start saying what it is they wish to refine. The queue times? The amount of people in each scenario? The imbalances on each side player wise? Premades vs pugs? I have no idea. It felt like such an afterthought that it made me pout. I know some people don’t like scenarios and that it’s not real RvR, blah blah blah. Some people do enjoy scenarios, just like some people do enjoy PvE, which still boggles me, but you know what? It’s a part of the game and shouldn’t be ignored.

After reading through the list, I feel like there was more they could add onto it. I mean, hur hur, that would be more than eleven, but I mean fixes in general. I can’t really think of something off the top of my head, but I would like to think there is much more to WAR than what was stated above. Or am I wrong? I don’t know.

I tend to be quite indifferent about patch notes and state of the game adresses, but this one made me go “That’s it?” It was like watching an awesome movie with the worst cliffhanger ending. You feel like there should be something else, but you just don’t know what. This also didn’t make or break my love for the game either. I’m still going to keep playing like I always have.


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    March 15, 2009 5:11 pm

    Hi, we’re working on all the things you want worked on.

    That’s all the state of the game said. It looked like they were listed in order of importance at first but really quickly dissolves… 1 and 2? Hell yeah, top 2 issues in the game no question. Why isn’t career imbalance 3?

    Oh, don’t get me started on #11. Have any of you ever read a ‘top 11’ list? Probably not. This was a list of 10 issues they thought were important followed by a slap in the face. Maybe it’s just me, maybe the WAR community doesn’t actually like PVP, maybe Mythic doesn’t want a PVP game. RVR makes me want to stab people.

    Hey Mark, where are the mentions of rewards for the only actual true PVP in your game? *sigh*

    Oh yeah and hun, I have not yet begun to wall-of-text!


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