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wisdom of ancient master

March 11, 2009

So, part of the podcast for Warhammer Alliance centered on talking about how much you actually gain from investing in a mastery path. More specifically the idea that there’s no real way to see what you’re really gaining. Well, I’ve decided to try and take up the task a bit. It’s a rather involved one, so for now it’ll just be our current mains, Blackguard and Disciple of Khaine.

So, what am I trying to show? All this is going to do is show how much each point in a mastery path is worth in comparison to how well it scales with stats. Now, that becomes somewhat complicated when dealing with all the different abilities and ratios and whatnot, which is why this becomes complicated. Here’s what’s going on though, if you don’t care about the math skip over it this next part in italics.

What you need to find is the base damage (or healing) of an ability with no points in a mastery, then the damage (or healing) it does with a full investment in that tree. Now find the difference and divide by the number of mastery points invested (so at 40 this is 40-25, or 15). Now you take this number and multiply by the DPS scaling of the ability. This can be complex, but here is the rule of thumb: DPS scaling is equal 1.5, or the abilities cast time in seconds, whichever is higher. This is however not true of all abilities. The most notable exceptions are the large AOE heals, which scale as if they had a 3 second cast despite casting in 1, or 2.5 seconds.

Okay, you’re back? Everyone comfy? Here’s how these lists work, first will be the ability name, then a number afterward that says +??. The ?? is the amount of stats it would take (strength, willpower, intelligence, ballistic skill) to equal 1 point in the applicable mastery tree.

Example: Conflagration of DOOM +66.6

This means that when you put a point into the ‘Blow Crap Up’ mastery path, Conflagration of DOOM (as opposed to the lesser Conflagration of Minor Discomfort) will gain the equivalent of 66.6 of whatever demonic stat it scales with. So if it scales with Int, someone with 600 Int and 1 point in ‘Blow Crap Up’ they would hit for roughly the same amount as someone with 666 Int and 0 points in ‘Blow Crap Up.’

Okay, on to the real abilities! If you don’t see an ability listed that is because the ability does not scale with stats, so this comparison would be… stupid.



Monstrous Rending +22.2
Murderous Wrath +11.1
Crippling Anger +18.8
Pitiless Strike +16.6
Blade of Ruin* +57.7
Enraged Beating +20.6
Crimson Death +27.7
Horrific Wound +29.7


Spiteful Slam +16.6
Exile +16.6
Crush The Weak* +33.3
Feeding On Weakness +8.2
Hateful Strike +8.2
Wave of Scorn +22.2


Mind Killer +8.2
Crushing Anger +13.7
Brutal Smash +13.7
Furious Howl +13.7
Choking Fury +16.6

Disciple of Khaine:

Dark Rites-

Khaine’s Embrace +28.3
Rend Soul*** +11.1
Restore Essence* +67.1
Khaine’s Vigor* +44.4
Khaine’s Refreshment +22.3


Lacerate +18.6
Flay +13.7
Essence Lash +16.6
Cleave Soul +11.1
Sanquinary Extension +13.7
Fell Sacrifice* +55.1
Wracking Agony** +8.2 / +24.8


Transfer Essence +13.7
Consume Strength +8.2
Consume Essence +8.2
Consume Thought +11.1
Warding Strike +11.1
Devour Essence*** +13.3
Pillage Essence +16.6

*: These abilities scale very poorly with stats.
**:  Scales differently when target is at low health.
***: Scales very well with stats.

Abilities with poor scaling with stats seem to scale much better with mastery points, but do not actually scale in DPS much more than other abilities. The reverse can be said of abilities that do scale very well with stats. So abilities marked with low stat scaling are much worse than their equivalency points indicate, while abilities with high stat scaling are much better.

I’ll get around to the other classes at some point. For now I’m off to take a nap. Keep in mind that these scaling numbers do not take into account strength increasing white damage and abilities outside of your mastery path. This is purely an indicator of how much the utilization of the mastery system alters the damage output of your abilities.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t go into this rant in the middle of the podcast? 🙂


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  1. March 12, 2009 4:53 pm

    What’s with you dark elves and number crunching? On my BO I just jam some gum into the up arrow key and roll my forehead around the keyboard until I kill something.

    Seriously though, DPS scaling is equal 1.5, or the abilities cast time in seconds, whichever is higher. So, I get everything up to this point where I become confused as to how you came up with the 1.5 number. I’m sure your right I’m just curious. -NK

  2. pancakez permalink*
    March 12, 2009 7:49 pm

    1.5 is the global cooldown. It’s was said to be 1.4, but most math points to 1.5. I also left out the part about calculating stats worth towards DPS, which gets figured into that as well. For most that’s 1 DPS per 5 for special abilities. So for instant abilities something like 400 strength would give 400 / 5 * 1.5, or 120 additional damage.

    This also has the fun side effect of making most DoTs scale really horribly because that bonus damage is then applied over the duration. So a 9 second DoT would get that 120 damage spread out over that duration. This means while your instant attack is gaining 80 DPS, your DoT is only gaining 13 DPS from the same amount of strength… but that’s another story.


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