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seriosuly bitter…. rivals?

March 10, 2009

So, I’m bitter. This last week was the Bitter Rivals event to allow people to unlock Choppa/Slayer early for play. I won’t be doing so. Did I try? Yes. Was I simply too busy? No. I’m writing this before the event is over, but there’s no possibility of me completing the event, nor was there ever a chance at me completing it.

As some of you probably remember, I love small scale PVP. I love scenarios. I just love PVP and hate RVR. It’s how I am, it’s who I am. So, how could I possibly fail to complete an event that can be completed with nothing more than some lowbie PQ grinds and a few runs of a scenario? Well, that’s the problem right there. I’ve spent most of my free time this week trying to run Twisting Tower, or as I long to call it Lagfest McSuckass.

Twisting Tower is Khaine’s Embrace in a lot of ways, but instead of wide open spaces and clever mapping, it’s just a tower. The playable area of the tower is about 1/4th the size of most scenarios. This is complicated by it being a vertical area, with levels stacked on top of each other (omg it’s a tower!) leaving almost the entire scenario within graphical range of every other player, particularly anyone trying to go to level 2. It’s also very pretty I might add, huge beams of light, lots of polygons flying around. Oh yeah, amazing. I really love watching slideshows, but I don’t really like trying to fight someone who is displayed on me as a slideshow. That is of course when the scenario isn’t causing your client to full on crash. Yeah, did I mention that? Originally it was a 24v24. That’s right, smallest scenario, but 48 players. This was later trimmed to 18v18, but it hardly helped.

So what you’re looking at is a scenario that the average player can’t really play. It crashes, it lags horribly, just like Khaine’s no one quite knows a good way to win and to top it off… half the tasks you need to complete the live event are within this lovely place. There’s no cool repeatable quest to grind out in case the scenario refuses to queue, nothing. If you perform every single task except Twisting Tower tasks, you will find yourself halfway between Advanced and Elite. Of course, this isn’t really an issue since all the tasks outside of Twisting Tower take a grand total of 30 minutes to do. So I’ve got five characters between Advanced and Elite.

Oh yeah, I love this event. I really loved sitting for hours today with nothing but Twisting Tower on queue and never, ever seeing it pop up. Did the same yesterday, the day before… I’ve seen Twisting Tower four times. The first two it crashed. The next one I was so laggy that I was unable to complete any of the tasks except the ‘task for a greenskin leader.’ Which is…complete Twisting Tower. Huzzah! Wait I only got 4 kills and never got to throw pies or explore the area because I was sitting at less than one frame per second.

Seriously, what a gem 1.2 was on release. Really showed that fine polish you expect from something that makes massive changes to the game being tested over a period of two weeks. Oh wait, one week you could only play T1-T2. Oh and the weekend of actual testing didn’t count because it was decided that a massive oRVR night would be more fun. Oh wait, aren’t we supposed to be testing class balance… bugs… who tested the live event and okay’d it for 24v24 with client crashing errors? …but hey, who doesn’t like Chosen walking around spamming Rending Blade now? Or AOE heals being buffed for some random reason (hey, most abused heals in the game, let’s make them better!). Oh yeah… Archmage double taunt? Black Dye? Patch Wounds? Seriously, when I was on the PTS I was reporting 4-5 bugs per session as well as 3-4 class concerns about Choppa. I imagine there were a lot of other people doing a lot of testing, but you know what… it didn’t matter. We were given a week to test. One week to test 50 pages of re-balances and bug fixes.

I’ve gone through a series of thoughts on 1.2. I went from being excited about Choppa, to disappointed with the testing process, to excited to see some real changes being made… to just outright losing faith that Mythic has any concept of a testing cycle. Really, who had the bright idea to announce the patch date in the middle of a testing week? 1.2 needed several more weeks of testing. There were massive bugs that had to be hot-fixed. There are now very, very serious balance issues (hi Stone Breaker and Rending Blade!). We have an absolutely horrible Live Event. Is there a saving grace?

You know what this next week holds? A flood of MDPS. I won’t be among them because well, I got bored after the third hour in queue.

I hate Bitter Rivals. I think 1.2 was rushed and has put the game in a state where it is less balanced than it was on release in many ways (looking at you, spammable AOE abilities with nerfed resistances). Zone Dominance? Oh wait, we’re looking at massive population imbalances because of Mythic’s solution to opening too many servers at launch… Oh, oh, look! We have better map updates for group members! We have a better open party window! We have like… so many things that don’t address any of the issues with the actual game. The funny part? Those parts aren’t bugged. The little doodads that don’t matter have been thoroughly tested and are problem free. That’s great.

I’m not going to stretch out my fist and claim Mythic is failing us. I love WAR and I want to keep up hope… but man, 1.2 makes it hard. Bitter Rivals? Well… I’m bitter, maybe that was the goal.


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  1. Zensun permalink
    March 10, 2009 3:16 am

    I hear you. I’ve pretty much left my server (Burlok RP) because the population has shrunk to the point that scenarios rarely seem to pop even in peak times. I moved to a new server (core) and they pop pretty regularly even off-peak.

    Example, Sunday 7:30 AM (yeah, I’m an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ kinda guy) Burlock had like 23 people lvl 1-10. That’s compared to the new server having the same number of lvl 1’s at that time and another 35 or so lvl 2-9.

    It’s ashame. I REALLY prefer the atmosphere on Burlok to my new server. I rarely had to worry about drivel being spewed on chat even when the pop was high; word can’t describe how annoying I find chat on the new server to be (it gets so bad I occasionally turn regional off).

    So I’m left with a conundrum of where to play, neither of which is very appealing. Burlok, where there seem to be fewer and fewer people (like you, I love scenarios), or the core server where there are plenty, but I find myself not enjoying interacting with other players (I even asked about any RP guilds on the server forum, and was told to go to Burlok; as if there can’t be a RP guild on a core server).

    Who knows, maybe all the Burlok-ers went to test server and will be coming back in droves starting tomorrow. I hope, but I worry that my honeymoon in WAR may be coming to an end.

  2. Zensun permalink
    March 10, 2009 3:19 am

    Actually, looking it must’ve been much fewer at that time on Burlok, as I remember thinking there weren’t even enough to make a scenario pop. I do remember calculating that there were more 10 times the number of people on the core server.

  3. March 10, 2009 4:18 am

    As with Heavy Metal I’m not to bothered about geting the new careers early as I just don’t play enough to make it worthwhile.

    I’ll roll a Slayer when they arrive for sure but I got my titles, goblin Hewers and am hording tenticle pies for future fun.

    Interestingly for me thetwisting tower worked ok. I have a 6 year old PC!!!!! That I run WAR on and it’s not great performance wise and afte reading about peoples problems in Twisting Tower I have to say I was very worried but hey it was ok. I wonder why it is that other people have experienced problems with it and not me?

  4. mjukis permalink
    March 10, 2009 4:19 am

    Agreed on many points. Considering the sweeping changes that 1.2 first was introduced with on the PTS, which was then immidiatly reversed a few days later (looking at you Witch Elves) because they made the class more powerful. This is strange in and of itself, but then there’s the glaring fuckup that is the Pit of Shades/Rain of Fire spells. What the hell? How does something like this even make it past internal testing phase 1? It’s such a huge oversight, people can’t break fort doors because the ranged DPS alone can’t break the tanks inside repairing the door. Shadow Warriors got laughed at AGAIN. The swordmaster changes arguably took away our crutch for damage, and moved it to etherdance, a channeled ability that can’t hit anything unless the person is knocked down (which we can’t of course do if we spec etherdance). At the same time they left Ironbreakers more or less alone.

    Honestly I don’t think they had an internal test. The sweeping changes made from the moment the patch was on the PTS gives me the impression that they have no real idea what they are doing. It’s pissing me off to no end and makes me want to go play another game.

  5. Will permalink
    March 10, 2009 9:38 pm

    Fantastic review pancakez. What you have written here pretty much sums up my thoughts about the patch. I’ve found myself extremely un-interested in the game as of late and really do not want to lose hope playing, but the “changes” are making it extremely hard to do.

    Lately I’ve been logging on for about 30 minutes at a time in this fashion (being a fan of RvR like you): “Hmm… any open RvR groups? Nope” “Any scenarios popping… nope, even worse” “Any PvP happening in any tier? nope.”

    Beyond that point I can’t really see anything to do with the game.

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