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Breakfast at Warhammer Alliance

March 10, 2009

Over this weekend, Pancakez and I were invited to be guests on Warhammer Alliance’s 6th Podcast. First off, I was extremely flattered by their offer and I want to thank them for picking us as guests for this week. I know a bunch of people volunteered, and I hope to sit back and hear them on the podcast one day, too. Second off, I’m glad we did it when we did, because the following day I ended up sick and now I have the flu =( Flu + talking for long periods of time = not sexy voice.

So what did we talk about? Lots of things! We shared our guilty pleasures, which I am certain they brought both of us on the podcast to say something X-rated. Hilarity ensued, especially with the men sharing their girly sides. We then got into some more serious topics, like the 1.2 patch and Bitter Rivals, mastery trees, and server transfers. And it was all wrapped up with the WAR Community Promotion Initiative (I hate typing that out some days, I swear), which if you have a fansite, blog, podcast, whatever… YOU SHOULD JOIN!

It was an awesome podcast, filled with lots of information and wisdom. Too bad we couldn’t run the unedited version! It was hysterical. Some of my favorite parts were the following:

  • The bumper at the beginning, courteousy of Pancakez, is the best taken out of context line EVER!
  • There was a continuation of Kristen’s flow-chart for Twisting Tower, which resulted in all of us giving Frank a hard time. Roll Destro, damn it!
  • Martin randomly butting in going, “WARRIOR PRIEEEESTS!”
  • Kristen trying to convince Frank to hop on her server so she could kick his ass.
  • At the very end, they asked me if I read all of Pancakez’s posts, where I replied, “Yeah I do-” “No you don’t!” Insert massive rofling.

All in all, it was a great experience and lots of fun. Probably the most laidback conference call type thing I’ve ever done. To the folks at Warhammer Alliance – Frank, Kristen, and Martin – thank you so much. And to everyone else, go to the podcast! Do it NAO.


I was there too! I was the one with the masculine sauve command of the English language. I know it’s hard to keep your pants on when hearing my voice, but I’m taken boys. I mean girls. Uhhh.

I had a lot of fun helping with the podcast. I was originally not going to be part of it, but they decided to squeeze me in which was very cool of them. Oh and since I’ve been outed I might as well throw out the version of Linerider that I play. It never gets old. If you start thinking it’s getting old, that’s only because you are getting old and forgetting what joy is. I have some stuff to point out too, my favorite parts as it were:

  • The entire first two sections had to be rerecorded because the recorder-bot screwed up and ATE IT ALL.
  • There’s a part where Martin seems to interrupt me after I say that testing was, “…divided up, so…” and immediately Martin interjects saying, “So, the next things we’d like to talk about is…” That never happened! It’s actually editted together to remove 3-4 minutes of us talking about how the testing cycle was chopped up.
  • The end part about the WCPI, Frank only included his intro and not the rest of the conversation, which went on for maybe 15 more minutes.
  • No pants!

If you guys are ever short hosts, give us a word we’d love to. Oh, and in closing I’d like to apologize to Martin, at one point I suggested something silly about Germans. I can’t remember what I said, or I’d share it. But, Martin, no hard feelings… Deutchland ist awesomesauce. I love combining nouns!


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  1. March 10, 2009 4:26 pm

    1) Still at work. I haven’t heard the podcast yet but I’ll say ahead of time: Awesome on ya for getting to be a part of it all.

    2) With the exception of your link I’m having trouble locating the Warhammer Alliance podcasts 1-5 on their site.

    Hummm. Maybe episode six is all I need to fulfill my podcasting needs? IDK.

    Maybe one day Nosmo King will be there on the air. (What would we talk about, I wonder? I’m sure 50% of it would have to be edited out. I know they’ll stop recording as I wander down another rabbit trail. It gets rather confusing in my head, ya see. Oh well.)

    Again awesome and I can’t wait to hear it.

    -NK (polishing my pearls of wisdom for later use)

  2. Omelettez permalink*
    March 10, 2009 4:30 pm

    All the other podcasts are like, hidden somewhere in the news and updates section of WHA. I also stumbled upon this: which seems to have past podcasts as well =D Enjoy!

  3. Ventris permalink
    March 10, 2009 4:57 pm

    Contrats on the ‘cast. It was neat putting voices behind your names 🙂

  4. March 10, 2009 9:44 pm

    First of all, thanks for stopping by you two, it was a blast having you 😉
    Second, about those “WARRIOR PRIIIIIEST” interjections. What you couldn’t see was that I was also shaking my fist at the heavens Colbert-style when I screamed that 😛
    Third, all technical difficulties are Frank’s fault! 😀

  5. pancakez permalink*
    March 10, 2009 9:47 pm

    Oh god, we loved it before but that’s just awesome. We both love Colbert. xD You’re the man.

  6. Omelettez permalink*
    March 10, 2009 9:49 pm

    Martin = Colbert

    It all makes sense!

    Now I’m inspired to make a Photoshoped Threat Down with Warrior Priests at #1

  7. March 10, 2009 10:09 pm

    There is actually a website for that 😉


    Though the image was poorly chosen I admit.

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