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wcpi spotlight; casual war

March 1, 2009
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We love the WAR community. We love meeting people who share our personal agenda to corrupt the minds of the youth, destroy society, devour virgins and erode the human soul talk about WAR. It’s rare though that we run into someone quite as in tune with our main focus in the game. That’s the great thing about the Age of Blogging initiative and now the WCPI, they bring the community together.

That brings me to this post over on Casual WAR, another WAR community blog, that caught my eye. Seriously, we feel your pain… we feel your pain. We’ve had plenty of experiences and even the ancient wise ones spoke of this blight. We’re big supporters of anyone who wishes to fight douchebaggery, doucherocketry, douchenozzling, or other doucheological undertakings. Keep up the good work. Perhaps if we all pool our efforts, the dream shall finally come to fruition.


And any post about douchebaggery isn’t complete without my two cents in it! Pancakez showed me this post and I chuckled while throwing my hands up in the air. It’s great to see others feel the same way about morons that roam around the servers. Come on now. We’ve all been there. You roll a new character on a new server and become amazed at the sheer immature nature of your peers. It ranges from people yelling at you to stay on D in a poorly played scenario to people yelling at you for not holding aggro well, when they’re mashing buttons and chucking fireballs at the boss way before you can even lift your sword up. Either way, the idiots all yell. And they’re annoying as all hell. So I support anyone taking a stand against these morons. If I wore hats, I’d tip it to you, good sir, for an excellent post. And I’m totally printing out that image and putting it on my door.


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  1. March 3, 2009 10:41 am

    Heh … reminds me of Fancy:

    The guy to griefing to a whole new level.


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