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git to da… sigh…

March 1, 2009

So I decided to try out the Choppa at tier 4… and now I’m not sure I want to play the class at all. I tried Slayer as well and don’t want one of those much either, for the same reasons… Before that, I’ll go over the Choppa setups I tried.

Big Hitta / Savage:
This build goes for the crit tactic and the healing debuff in Hitta, then gets Can’t Stop Da Chop and has a free floating point. The result is well… you can crit for well over 2000 and damage comes in huge chunks, but it’s a little clunky around the edges. Nice toughness debuff, nice armor debuff… don’t really need either to two shot squishies. Best crit: 2700, Weakling Killa.

Wrecka / Savage:
This build goes Savage so that exhaustive blows no longer consume rage, then gets all the best skills from Wrecka. You spam the two AOE exhaustives as well as spamming Lotsa Choppin’, while keeping Git To Da Choppa on cooldown. Hits just as hard as Hitta, but has a lot less control and takes a ton more damage. Best Crit: 1800 (per tick), Git To Da Choppa.

Savage / Hitta:
A full Savage build, sort of like the Wrecka build, but meant purely as single target damage, rather than AOE. Uses a Hitta tactic so that if an Exhaustive is defended (block, parry) you’re free to dump 6 attacks for 0 AP. Also uses… crap, I can’t recall the name, but it’s a 5 second channel which heals for 100% damage done. It doesn’t hit quite as hard as Wrecka’s channeled AOE per tick, but it ticks twice as many times. Best Crit: 1300, aforementioned ability I forgot the name of… per tick.

So… why am I really not looking forward to Choppa anymore? Well… it honestly just didn’t feel ‘right’ being in the game. At tier 2 it was mildly amusing to drop people as fast as I was able to as Savage. In tier 4? Well, they drop faster now. Sure, most PTS experience today is the mighty Praag zerg of death (and we know how I feel about zergging oRVR), but scenario queues are also instant. It’s still half full of Choppas and Slayers, but the other half usually is a playable mix. It somehow just felt wrong walking up to healers, ranged, or any other non-tank, knocking them down and proceeding to kill them in the span of a single channeled ability. Or worse, being able to run up to a healer and see a bit over 5000 damage pop up in the first few seconds of combat.

Maybe that’s just how tier 4 is in 1.2… if so I’m not sure I want to get to 40 at all. If not then Mythic really does have their work cut out for them. I was using just the premade gear (which is a bunch of rank 35 gear) as well as a green axe (because the blue one you start with is black orc only)… this is competing against rank 40 transfers in much better gear and to be honest, none of them ever hit me back as hard as I hit them. The only class that did was Slayer, which is geared about the same as Choppa. As much as I love the new changes pushed in 1.2 recently… I’m not happy at all about it being rushed out in two days. There’s quite a bit of work to be done on Choppa/Slayer alone, on top of the other massive changes 1.2 is bringing.

HGH is a hell of a drug.

HGH is a hell of a drug.

Meh. On a happy note, last night I finally reached my goal on my Disciple for tier 2. I was pretty sure it was possible and now I’m thinking I may have set the goal too low. I think I could actually come close to, or even break 500 strength, but I don’t have the time to farm every best in slot strength piece as well as all the epic talismans it might take to flesh out. In any case… I think 404 strength might be overkill anyway. Tier 2 players just don’t have enough health for me to get as much healing as I ‘could’ because they have to be within an inch of death for Rend Soul to not over heal. =( In any case, I’m happy meeting my silly goal. I had a similar one for my Warrior Priest, who had 460 wounds when he left tier 2. Ah to be bald again.

Hopefully it’ll be fun as we move into t3 and t4. For now though it’s fun consistantly being top damage in scenarios while still out healing anyone not spamming AOE facerolls of doom. Then again, I guess that really does go back to why I’m so discouraged about the state of Slayer and Choppa… is it really fair to put out numbers like this? Ah well.


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  1. Omelettez permalink*
    March 1, 2009 8:14 pm

    Only reason you have all that strength is because you keep STEALING them from me! >=(

  2. March 2, 2009 7:38 am

    “AOE facerolls of doom” out of experience I QED this.
    I haven’t played much slayer/choopa. Apart from getting a Slayer to rank two.. I have been looking around and I don’t know why but it does seemt hat choppa/slayer is a bit ‘too much’ although I have nothng more but instinct.

    I have seen the patch notes though and I think they do plan on getting players easier to kill. Perhaps to get people to have more fun? Or perhaps it is just me.

    Also don’t steal strength from that kitteh!
    For funny kittehs go here:
    Hope you like it πŸ˜› I did

  3. Omelettez permalink*
    March 2, 2009 11:30 am

    Ok, dude, this is how our conversations go:

    Me: Oh look! A piece of strength jewelry dropped!
    Him: Awesome, that’s an upgrade for me.
    Me: But… it is for me, too.
    Him: I already needed it.
    Me: You already have over 300 strength!
    Him: Crap, I already equipped it…
    Me: D=


    Me: Why is there no strength jewelry in the AH?
    Him: *not paying attention* I just got a whole bunch of strength jewelry on the AH! It was all that was left!
    Me: *takes Guard off of him*

    It’s not fair! D=

    And I love lolcats. There was one with a cat looking into a fish tank and the little fishie looking up and going “halp!” I tell Pancakez that’s me when I don’t get any heals =D

  4. March 4, 2009 4:02 am

    Just remembering that fishie made me laugh πŸ˜› You should roll a healer and when he needs heals, flee =D ‘certain person’ needs a lesson. *naughty naughty* *spank spank?*

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