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further adventures of marysue and pigsticker

February 23, 2009

So, yesterday I commented on my tier 1 experience. Today, guess what time it is! It’s TOOL TI…uh… TIER-2 TIME!

Well, I have to start with a laughable problem. The premade rank 18 Choppa has worse stats than my non-premade rank 10… well, except wounds, which was nice. The premade gear is the horrible rank 14 and under stuff, but you can immediately go buy the higher rank tier 2 renown gear. Not sure why they start with the lower stuff. In any case, my first quest was to replace the crap gear. It started slow. Very slow. I went Hitta, because well, that’s what I wanted to do at high tier and figured increasing a primary soloing nuke would be the way to go. I replaced my junk rank 14 green axe of suck with a lovely rank 18 blue influence reward (with double the DPS) and things sped up very slightly. I was disappointed, to say the least. Is the peak of Choppa in tier 1? No way!

No way indeed, actually. The epiphany came when I decided to try other specs to continue re-gearing. By now I was up to a semi-respectable 270 strength on a lovely new ‘Wrecka’ Choppa. This is the AOE tree and has a lovely tactic that increases AP regen while Berserk, which helped a lot. The only issue, really, was staying Berserk. It drains quickly out of combat (really, really quickly), so that become a minor issue. Then I started to think, hey, what about that spec over there? So, I went Savage. The change increased by DPS by about 10% from Wrecka, but I was no longer taking a bunch more damage from Berserk. I was doing 25% more than Hitta, but not having AP problems.

So, I was happy with Savage. The armor debuff made Hitta and Wrecka abilities hit harder than if I was specced Hitta or Wrecka and the Savage abilities now hit very hard as well. So, I finally hit a goal I liked, now sitting at a meaty 450 strength, so I decided it was time to hit up some RVR. As with tier 1, RVR was a flood of Slayers and Choppas, only now we had some friends as premades extended to Greenskin and Dwarf. So, there were 2-3 Rune Priests per match as well as a few Engineers. After my experience in PVE, I wasn’t really as shocked as I should have been by the burst damage Savage puts out in tier 2. Reduce a Rune Priest to zero armor, then unleash a burst of two thousand damage and watch him drop. Repeat on his friends, then get beat down by six or seven Slayers apparently pissed off to see their friends getting two shot.

So how is Choppa in tier 2 on PTS? Extremely good, if you gear right. I was able to come close to 500 strength in tier 2, but dropped it back in a bit to 450 to get more defensive stats when I realized I was already able to burst anyone down when I wanted at that strength level. Choppa puts out similar DPS to Witch Elf on live, but actually has better survivability as long as you’re not going Berserk. Choppa survivability is equal to Marauder, or very slightly lower if you use Hurtin’ Time to increase burst. The burst damage is noticeably higher than Sorceress and Bright Wizard at this level, with my highest hits spiking between eight and nine hundred.

I really wish I could see this in a real situation though. How well can I burst down a Rune Priest that has Guard on him? I actually feel like Choppa and Slayer are fine right now, but it may only be because the AOE flurry of button mashing fanboys make it seem like the game isn’t real yet. My concern is that in a real situation the burst damage could be out of hand. What will happen when I have a pocket healer and there isn’t a roving band of seven melee spamming AOE so they don’t even have to focus fire? I’m already able to burst down Rune Priests solo, even when detaunted, in under ten seconds. How will we do against Warrior Priests, though? There are a lot of questions going unanswered which I’d really like to know. The only one that has been suitably answered is that Choppa and Slayer burst damage is intense and most newbies like to button mash like they’re at the arcade rollin’ with Eddie Gordo.

DISCLAIMER: This is written from my experience as a Choppa. Slayer is very much on equal footing and none of my concerns are about the direct comparison between these two classes. They are instead about the existing classes, particularly other MDPS who are putting out much lower damage with smaller burst while not being any more survivable.


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