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tier one ptr choppin’

February 22, 2009
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So, I took a chance over the weekend to do some testing on the PTR. Left some feedback and did some choppin’ in oRVR, scenarios and PQs. My impressions on tier 1? A little crazy. In PVE with a tank you can go nuts and do some rather obscene damage. I checked against Marauder and Witch Elf and neither came close on single target damage, but Marauder won pretty handily on AOE at this level. I’ll do some more checking with tier 2 when I get a chance to see if KoD makes Witch Elves much better there, or if Choppa tapers down.

RVR was more of the same, really, but be warned, the rumors that Choppa and Slayer are simple button-mashing machines was very far from the truth. You have a lot of choices to make. Now, this is not as applicable to those wanting to go with Wrecka, which really is button mashing AOE spam, but with any other build you’ll have a lot of options. In tier 1 this isn’t that obvious until you get Weakling Killa, which hits extremely hard. Once you do you’ll quickly realize that micromanagement of your rage pays off big in RVR.

My one concern is because of a few tactic options, one of which wave voiced long ago in various forums and is compounded by the other. Stab You Gooder is an Orc tactic that increases critical hit damage by 50%. The others name escapes me, but it is a high Hitta tactic which increases the critical chance of all Hitta abilities by 25%. So you’re looking at 35-45% crit with some of the largest single target attacks in game. It’s kind of a healers worst nightmare when you realize this same class also has a knockdown and a healing debuff in this same tree.

Path of the Savage looks equally brutal in RVR, with a large channeled attack that heals for all damage dealt as well as having a tactic that allows them to build their berserk meter faster for more flexibility. Still, I have to say for PVE it looks like Wrecka is the way to go as it offers boosted AP regen and encourages you to stay berserk, which is hardly an issue in PVE as you still have more armor than Witch Elves.

Who knows how it will be at higher ranks though. Certainly has some potential, though I worry if Marauder and White Lion will be given much play once these two are released. The damage is higher and the survivability is pretty much unchanged, unless you want it to be.


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  1. February 22, 2009 6:14 pm

    Makes me wonder why they didn’t hold off on addressing class balance until all the classes were in. As we have it now, there have been buffs/nerfs which will have to be re-examined once the two new classes drop.

  2. pancakez permalink*
    February 22, 2009 8:01 pm

    I would tend to agree, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. There is definitely not enough attention being put into the huge balancing list and bugs. Transfers are currently shut off meaning people really aren’t able to fully test this patch. The push right now is for Choppa/Slayer to get their much needed looking over, which I think is fine, but only if there’s a later push to concentrate on bugs and balance issues.

  3. February 23, 2009 5:12 am

    In the end a lot of this is new class Syndrome. In Warhammer tabletop we used to get this every time a new army came out, all of the press is positive and hyping up the new stuff as the best ever. I think with a little play time on the live servers the Choppa and Slayer will come more into line with everything else in the game and fulfill their roll beutifully whilst still leaving room for Witch elves and white lions.

    just give things a month or 2 to level out. 🙂

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