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Seven Faves

February 17, 2009

Over at WAAAGH!, Syp posted a list for us WAR players to fill out. So what are our favorite seven? Here they are, in one compiled post.

Favorite Zone

  • Pancakez – Mount Bloodhorn. The starting area for the Greenskins is just filled with so much humor and is enlightening as you adventure through. Finding dwarves in barrels is far more fun than finding boar livers.
  • Omelettez – Definitely Avelorn. I love how lush and open the forest is. In so many past games, forests never felt real. All the trees were tiny, there’s no variation in the terrain, and the landscape is boring overall. With Avelorn, it brings all the ideals of a fantasy forest to life.

Favorite Race

  • Pancakez – Greenskin pack too much humor to pass up. For specials, the orcs carry around a goblin to punch for no reason and goblins… I’m not sure what they do, but it’s awesome. Aside from being funny to no end, they are still vicious and battleworn. A great mixture of both sides.
  • Omelettez – It’s a hard choice, but Dark Elves. Most people think of elves as being stuck-up and pretty, yadda yadda. Well… they are, but they’re so malicious and cruel that it makes them that more badass. I mean, have you people read up on the lore for Blackguards and Witch Elves? These people mean business! Even in game, half of the quests with them involve assassinating so-and-so or torturing some slave.

Favorite Career

  • Pancakez – Bright Wizard. The idea of setting everything on fire, even yourself, and being an overall pyromaniac is outstanding. Not exactly my cup of tea playstyle wise, but… fire!
  • Omelettez – The first thing I was ever shown WAR wise was a concept art piece of a Witch Hunter. That right there is the epitome of badass. You kill people with a sword AND gun while looking fabulous in a pimp hat and coat. What more is there to ask for? If I wasn’t so drawn to Destructions evil antics, I’d still be playing my WH.

Favorite WAR Feature

  • Pancakez – PQs. There’s these epic battles constantly going on and people can be a part of it. Even people running by halfway through can be a part of it. It evolves quickly enough to not drag on, and also restarts just as fast to do it all over again.
  • Omelettez – I can’t get enough of the titles. I love randomly having my tome go “You have died 1000 times in RvR. Here’s a title.” They range from successful acheivements, like killing so many guild leaders, to humorous ones, like falling to your death. I only wish there was a push option so I could help Pancakez get “The Pancake” title faster.

Favorite Skill

  • Pancakez – Guard! So useful overall. Helps tanks in RvR massively. It’s a cool skill. End of story.
  • Omelettez – Knockbacks. None in particular, but I love watching people lava golf.

Favorite Scenario

  • Pancakez – Nordenwatch. I loved Arathi Basin a lot in WoW, and Nordenwatch seems to be the new Arathi Basin. The map is designed for people to crash into each other for battle, what else can you ask for?
  • Omelettez – I was more of a fan of Warsong Gulch in WoW, mainly because I was that annoying twink hunter camping the enemy roof and one shoting lowbies with Aimed Shot. So definitely Phoenix Gate. I love ninjaing the flag. I love battles at center field that last the whole game. I love camping the enemy spawn point. Now if only they had a roof….

Favorite Live Event

  • Pancakez – Heavy Metal. The scenario was great and so were the rewards. I regret not being able to finish it, but it was awesome.
  • Omelettez – Hmmm… Event with people walking around in full armor… event with people getting drunk… event with half naked Dark Elves looking bad ass. Yeah, I’m going with Night of Murder.



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