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The long road ahead

February 15, 2009

Lately, Pancakez and myself have been leveling up other characters aside from our Black Orc and Zealot. I picked up a Blackguard and he has a Zealot. For me, it’s a bit strange, at least at first. I’m used to staying in the back lines and keeping the team up. Now I have to charge straight up and annoy the crap out of people. It’s refreshing, to say the least. We’re almost out of Tier 1, so no more Nordenwatch or Khaine’s. At the very least we’re hoping to get my Blackguard to 14 so we can test out AoE farming. I’m nervous as all hell about it, because I’ve never truly tanked before, but we’ll see how it goes.

Then it brings me to my next thought. Are we ever going to get any pair of characters we have to rank 40? We have been playing the game since October, and no such luck yet. Granted I’ve been busy with school work and so has Pancakez, so we can’t dedicate every waking moment on WAR. But in WoW, we could grind to 60 and 70 (not 80, we haven’t touched Lich King) like it was nothing. I remember after the first expansion, our Blood Elf characters had hit 70 in less than two months. And I recall Pancakez’s adventures with leveling in RO within weeks. And for those of you who have played RO, you know how freaking tough it is.

I’m enjoying my time with WAR casually, I truly am. I don’t care if I’m healing or DPSing or tanking, I just want to have fun with my Pancakez ❤ But sometimes when I’m in the Inevitable City and see that shiny, decked out rank 40 blahblahblah, I can’t help but pout and wish I was right up there. Then I think back to my time in WoW, and how I randomly made a warlock from scratch at the beginning of Season 3. It took a long time to get her to 70, get her geared up in entry level PvP gear, and even longer to get her arena rating up and almost fully decked out in S3 gear. She was my little baby, and I had so much fun and memories on her.

No matter who we bring up and gear out and no matter how long it takes, I know we’ll have fun and loads of memories.


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