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give me one good reason

February 13, 2009

Why isn’t there influence for scenarios? Does Mythic think scenarios are less fun than PVE train style keep trading? Do players? That’s what oRvR means right now. Maybe that will change when zone dominance is put in, but right now here’s what happens, especially at lower tiers: You join a Warband and rush to a keep in eager anticipation of a huge scale assault on the vile fortress of your hated enemy, only to find nothing but token NPCs that can be killed by an organized group of 6, then as soon as you cap you are directed to the next empty keep after being told ‘they just left elfland, let’s go get the keeps back.’ Of course as soon as you’re done doing that, you’re directed right back to where you were and voila, the keep is theirs now. Congratulations, you’re part of a PVE train. Prepare to be degraded if you leave for a scenario because scenarios are not RVR!

Screw that, I want some incentive to play scenarios. Give me some influence rewards, especially for the less played scenarios. This is the only place to find good RVR where strategy matters and zergging means you’re probably doing it wrong. I agree with this article. I don’t want cross-server scenarios, but you know what, it would help a lot of servers with low population. If it was put in to only go cross realm if there weren’t enough people on your own server, that would be great. All it would mean is scenarios that wouldn’t have queued anyway now will. I’m tired of typing RVR, you know what RVR really means? ZVZ. Zerg versus Zerg. Let’s see some PVP, let’s see some skill and some encouragement to use it. Stop relying on three Warbands to get renown from PVE and grow a pair.


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  1. February 13, 2009 3:25 pm

    I have to agree. I love scenarios, but it would be great if Mythic offered more incentive to play them like influence or an Honor points system like in WoW. It would be wonderful if something was done to make the objectives in scenarios more important, also, as opposed to the evidently lucrative renown farming that players insist on participating in. Maybe a special token for everyone on your team every time your side caps a flag or takes control of an area? It could then be turned in for items, dye, trophies, whatever. Would be nice…

  2. February 13, 2009 3:46 pm

    I’m on the other end of the spectrum. Scenarios already have great incentive just from the nature of the XP and renown you can get. It also qualifies you for Renown gear, which is good stuff anyway.

    But it sounds like your issue is really with oRvR. If there is an RvE train going, then take the initiative to stop on the tracks. To further strain the metaphor, turn your train around and smash into the enemy! Get some people to help you defend a BO or Keep. Use some tactics, such as hiding the strength of your force, to try to gain the upper hand. At the very least, you’ll slow the enemy down. Maybe long enough for help to arrive. There is a huge reward for successfully defending a keep, and I’m amazed that people on your server don’t seem to have figured that out.

  3. pancakez permalink*
    February 13, 2009 4:03 pm

    I think you read what you wanted to see, instead of what was actually written. I’m sorry that you’ve missed the point of my post and that you don’t seem to be aware of the prevalence and benefit of PVE trains. Currently if two warbands directly clash, both lose because the renown, XP and influence benefits are slower. Again though, I would recommend simply rereading what I actually wrote, rather than adding your own slant to it. Thanks for the interest.

    As for honor, or tokens for scenarios, I don’t really think it’s needed. Influence bars are a great reflection of reputation bars in WoW and I think it’s a great system for encouraging people to play different scenarios. It would help promote higher skill in play and get more use out of the content in game. Why keep running Tor Anroc all day if you need influence from Lost Temple of Isha for those great new gloves you want?


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