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really now?

February 12, 2009

So, I’m getting ready to drive into class this morning and decide to hop online since I got off work a bit early. A-ha! 1.2 notes! I didn’t have time to read all the bug fixes for everything, but I did read the class changes and I have to say I’m confused. The instant+HoT spells are now going to heal for more, but last a shorter amount of time. All classes AOE heals are listed as being ‘faster and healing more’, including WP and DoK? Really… 1s healing for 1k wasn’t good? *head scratch* AOE heals were already extremely powerful, if it’s an error for DoK and WP that’s fine as it just means the other healers will catch up a little. Go on some, find out procs are now all of ‘proper’ elements and can now be mitigated. Makes sense, I suppose. Some healers have skills which deal more damage now which if they’re really putting effort into items we may see a ton of DPS healers pop up. Should be fun for premade scenarios since they’ll be easier to win against pugs with even fewer healers.

Here’s the kicker though: We have adjusted the way that the Disorient debuff will effect characters. Instead of increasing all ability cast times by a flat value, it will now increase cast times by a % of the total cast time of the spell. As a result, melee abilities and instant cast spells will no longer be affected by Disorient since their cast time is effectively 0 seconds. Specific abilities for each career affected by this change are noted below.

That’s a great idea! If you haven’t been keeping up, ranged, or as they’re commonly known ‘people with cast bars’ are already on the losing side of 1v1s and other small groups because they can be locked down too easily. So, let’s make disorients not even effect melee and people who rely on instant casts, but actually make them slightly stronger against casters. Waaah? No, not WAAAGH!… waaaaaaaah?

Kiss of Doom still in game, hopefully Kisses being Spiritual will at least reduce their damage output some. Oh luckily Bullets are too though so those do less now too. And Witch Elf / Witch Hunter both got some nerfs… actually, most classes did considering the damage-type changes, but these got some damage skills -reduced-.

Changed Wot Armor for Black Orcs now as well. Kind of funny because it’s done in the opposite way at the same time as WoW is changing these abilities. Now reduces a flat amount of armor. Wot’s dat mean? Well, Black Orcs won’t do as well against other tanks (neither will Ironbreaker), but will most likely now be treating clothies as if they have 0 armor. It seems like Tanks in general recieved DPS boosts though. Should make a bunch of people happy considering a pure tank role in PVP can often be subverted by people ignoring you.

I was expecting my next post to actually be a comprehensive duo/trio list based on class priority, but I’ll hold off. A: I have to head to class like now. B: These changes are massive and will probably change even more before it goes live and I have no clue what will happen besides squishies now being even squishier and melee / tanks now being even stronger…


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