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balance patch wishlist

February 7, 2009

So 1.2 has been announced… well, more like teased at. There are bug fixes, item upgrades, built in mass mail… lots of good stuff. What really interests me is the third section of the sneak peak, which calls this a ‘balance patch’ and details the classes they’re putting the most work into: Witch Elf, Witch Hunter, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Chosen, Swordmaster and Black Orc. The selection makes me happy in some ways, but isn’t fully satisfying to me as it means Engineer, Magus and Sorceress aren’t getting looked at as much. I’ll save the cries over that for later because at least they include the largest imbalance in mirrors in their focus with Witch Elf and Witch Hunter. So without further ado, my wish-list:

Witch Elf:

  • Remove Kiss of Doom and replace with something else. See this and this for my reasons why.

Witch Hunter:

  • Retool Bullets to function the way that kisses work.
  • Give Dragon Gun a knockdown component.
  • Make finishers scale with Strength, not Ballistic Skill.


  • Reduce AP cost of Improved Balance abilities.
  • Increase the amount absorbed by magical shields.
  • Increase base effective range of Gusting Wind to 20 feet.
  • Buff path of Khaine.

Black Orc:

  • Alter a skill, or tactic to allow Black Orcs to knockdown with a shield equipped, preferably in Da’ Toughest, possibly replacing Mor’ Hardcore.
  • Reduce AP cost of Da Gud Plan abilities.
  • Reduce cooldown of T’ree hit combo to match the 8s standard cooldown.
  • Increase effective range of Big Slash to 20 feet.
  • Increase the armor granted by Da Greenest by at least a factor of ten (literally).


  • Upgrade path of Dread.
  • Assure that Corrupting Horror is working properly. This is technically a bug fix, but it’s very important.

Knight of BS:

  • Adjust damage, or entirely rework the mechanics of Shield of the Sun.

It might be a short list, but they’re some big changes. Particularly the Witch Elf and Witch Hunter changes would finally balance out Order and Destruction’s healers. Might sound odd, but the primary profession of those classes is to hunt healers. You may disagree and whatnot, but playing devil’s advocate is only good for so long. Witch Elves need to be brought down a peg, but Witch Hunters need to be brought into line with them there. Removing Kiss of Doom will reduce the primary source of Witch Elf damage by 50%, which is about a 15% reduction in DPS. At the same time this is a buff to Witch Hunter damage by about 10%.

The Swordmaster and Black Orc changes I was are purely buffs for both classes. Since Swordmaster (and all) magical shields are treated as ‘before mitigation’ they need to be increased greatly to compete with Da Toughest shout from Black Orcs. Both classes need to be spending less AP in their second stance as well, which wouldn’t need to be much less at all, but simply in line with other melee and tank classes. Gusting Wind and Big Slash baseline have a 10 foot radius. Gusting Wind gets a lovely tactic that makes it 30 foot, but when taking it you don’t feel like you’re getting a buff, but that you’re getting an actual fix to the ability. Black Orcs also need a knockdown with shields, they are currently the tank with the least crowd control abilities. T’ree Hit combo is in the same school as a bunch of other channeled ‘flurry’ type attacks. The difference is that the tooltip is deceiving I understand Black Orcs can’t count, so it is funny… but misleading. Of course the other problem is that while Ether Dance, Myrmidia’s Fury, Relentless, Grudge-Born Fury, and Enraged Beating have 8s cooldowns, T’ree Hit Combo has a 20 second cooldown. Da Greenest gives a grand total of 24 armor last I knew, wich is totally useless, 240 would still be low, but it’s a start. Finally, Swordmasters trees… Vaul is the tanking tree, Hoeth is the magical support tree (flavor tree), and Khaine is the DPS tree. Wait, just kidding, Hoeth and Vaul out damage Khaine while offering better utility. Really needs looking into either in the form of CC/utility options, or a DPS increase… or probably both.

Chosen is in a similar tree with path of Dread. Lower damage and utility than the flavor ‘magic’ tree, supposedly being the DPS tree. ‘Dread’ Chosen are really Discord Chosen who take Dread abilities once getting Quake and Discordant Turbulence and want Relentless and Oppressing Blows to conserve AP and increase Discord damage. As for Knight? Well, Shield of the Sun is borderline offensive. Not as in offense versus defense. Think more along the lines of someone calling your mother a prostitute. I would include On Your Guard! as well, but that was hot-fixed rather quickly. Hopefully Shield of the Sun will also get looked at, particularly to keep it in balance with Can’t Hit Me. Can’t Hit Me takes thirteen points in Da Toughest to pick up, but gives up the pure ease-of-use damage boost in favor of snaring yourself,  draining your AP away, preventing all other abilities while in use… but it increases block and has no cooldown. The increase of Block is excellent, but the other limiting factors are pretty dismal. I don’t think Can’t Hit Me needs a buff, though. Shield of the Sun just needs to be brought back down to earth.

I’m sure other things are needed, wanted, lusted after… but, that’s what I want. Personally, I could write out this list for every class and be somewhat happy. I’m not sure why the focus on these classes. They could use some things, but everything here has been a known issue for a long time.


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