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February 4, 2009

This is going to be the first of a few posts regarding loot in WAR. Today I’d like to talk about PQ loot assignment.

Contribution of course needs looking at, but really that’s far more involved than I care to go into at this time. So for the sake of this post, we’ll consider that fixing contribution to be fair to everyone involved is also a primary concern, but can wait. Instead, it’s the manner in which contribution effects things that I’d like to touch on. I’m sure that most people, by now, have realized that contribution points are not going to assure you that your half hour grinding and working on a PQ will secure you some loot. The real verdict is simply a series of random rolls of 1,000. Notably this is double the maximum bonus from contribution. Here’s a quick list of the required roll to guarantee that you will get first place assuming you have 500 contribution points:

  • 450 – 951
  • 400 – 901
  • 350 – 851
  • 300 – 801
  • 250 – 751
  • 200 – 701
  • 150 – 651
  • 100 – 601
  • 050 – 551

On the depressing end of the spectrum you’ll notice that even if your competition has 50 contribution, you must roll higher than average to actually be assured that you will win. There’s only a 44.9% chance that you will definitely beat someone who contributed a tenth of what you contributed. Now, that is somewhat misleading, because you statistically do have a higher chance of beating them than this. However, if you do not roll at least 551, they can roll a 1,000 and win.

When you get up to the 250+ contribution range, you’ll see where it begins to really matter. You now require a roll of 751 to definitely win. If you roll a 500 they have a 25% chance of beating you. If you roll a 250 they have a 50% chance of beating you.

So, why is the game weighted towards what is in essence random loot? Most likely to prevent very good players from getting all their gear, while their support cast gets none. It’s especially when dealing with items that your really good player might already have, or simply doesn’t need. So, loot does need to be spread. I can think of three solutions to this situation.

  1. Increase contribution to 1,000, but leave random rolls at 1,000 as well so that contribution has a larger impact on loot assignment.
  2. Increase contribution to 1,000, reduce random rolls to 500 and allow players to opt out of loot in exchange for money/experience/influence based on contribution.
  3. Leave contribution and random rolls the way they are, but give medal bonuses for different contribution levels.

The first solution would simply funnel more of the standard rewards to the higher contribution players, while still being somewhat random. In this system the chance of someone with a 50 beating someone with a 1,000 is essentially nil as they must roll at least a 951, while the top contribution person can roll a maximum of 49 to lose.

The second solution would mean that a lot of the randomness of PQ looting would be stripped out. At the same time it would provide a way for people who don’t want/need the loot to get a reward that they want. Of course, it would also allow people to be jerks if they wanted to be.

The third solution is actually the one I’d like to see. The problem? Well, that’s a lot of new items and work for developers.You’d need to work out a system both for the reward system and provide rewards and…and… yeah, it’s a lot of work. It would ultimately be the most rewarding option though. People would feel like contribution mattered, while at the same time it would spread loot around as it is now.

It does lead into another thought though, something which a lot of people have hinted at lately… tokens. Now, I won’t really discuss that in this post, but I will be soon. For now, I’ll leave you with my random ideas on PQ loot assignment and how I think it should be handled. Both to preserve the fact that randomizing loot does help new players get geared and to insure that contribution points are meaningful.


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  1. February 5, 2009 12:00 am

    Guhhh, you just beat me to the punch. Was planning on writing a PQ loot related post first thing tomorrow morning! Guess I’ll just have to trackback to you and give my own take on the topic. >.< Great work here, though.


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