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Money money money!

February 1, 2009

I laugh every time I get mail from a gold spammer in WAR. Why? Gold is so easy to come by in WAR. I’m almost rank 20 and I’ve made close to 75 gold. So my mount is definitely covered. Hell, if Pancakez doesn’t have enough gold for his – which I doubt he doesn’t – I’d give him enough to get one and we’ll be all set.

The economy in past MMOs I’ve played in have been horrible. You had to pay all of your gold plus an arm and a leg to get something useful. And then there are games like WoW and RO where you pay extreme amounts of money to get something that… well, you really don’t need. Pancakez was more of an RO fanatic than I was, but he’d tell me the amount of money people would pay for items, especially things that were just adorable, like a kitty sitting on the top of your head. And with WoW, the amount of mounts is insane. It’s not like you can ride all 100 of them at the same time. Though I will say, I really miss my rocket chicken and  hippogryph hatchling.

With WAR, the economy is a bit weird. I sat back and thought about all the things you had to buy, compared to other games. You pay for your mount and last name at 20, which honestly isn’t that much. There’s also your skills you get every rank, but I know I don’t get everyone, usually when it’s a useless tactic or morale ability. I go auction house shopping every 5 ranks or so, but most of the time I buy renown gear, which at this point is cheaper.

Then I read up on what higher ranked people had to pay for and I looked into those prices:

  1. Dyes – Depending on the server, these are insanely expensive. The rare dyes go anywhere from 20 – 50 gold and very rare ones are easily 100+ gold. And this is just for one dye!
  2. Talismans – For extremely awesome talismans, they are well over 100 gold each. This I can understand, especially with how expensive the mats are and how difficult some of them are to find.
  3. Gear – I was looking over the cost of renown gear in higher ranks, and most of them are around 20 gold or so. Ok, 20 gold isn’t bad, but when you have to buy a full set of armor, each piece being 20 gold, that’s expensive.
  4. Siege Equipment – I didn’t get a chance to look at the prices, but siege things to get keeps seemed to be pricey from what people were saying. I would think so, especially having to buy a new one each time you’ve use one.
  5. Healers, respecs, etc – Every time you die, you get a debuff on you that decreases your wounds. This can get annoying, especially when you’re trying to defend a keep and your health is crap. You can get rid of it, but over time it’s by no means cheap. And there are respec costs if you want to try another mastery path as well.

I’m sure there are other gold dumps that I am not aware of. If I missed any, please let me know and I’ll throw it up here.

Aside from all of that, money is relatively easy to get. Just from regular questing, Pancakez and I got around 4 rare items and 40+ uncommon items. And that’s not including potions and items I scavanged. I’m sure if we actually went out and tried to farm items to sell, we’d make even more money. Even the other day, Pancakez was AHing some items, and while he was running back and forth to the mailbox (he was on a bank alt) to get more items to sell, he had around 6 items sell.

So are there some expensive things in the game? Of course. There’s always going to be some moron out there who wants some ridiculous amount of gold for one item. But money isn’t something hard to come by in the game. I can only imagine how much gold Pancakez and I would make if we sat down and farmed all day. Just taking all the greens and blues we get along with any scavenging items and sending them to a bank alt to sell is good enough. People who complain about a lack of money should try that and watch everything sell. It works for us.


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    February 1, 2009 3:18 pm

    I’ve made almost 75 gold going from 1-20 on my Black Orc, using my old Marauder (my very, very first character) as a bank/AH alt. There’s some inflation going on in our current server, but it’s nothing that bad. Mind you, I come from RO, where inflation almost entirely ruined the ability of new players to enter the game. That was caused, mostly, by the fact that rare item drops were very, very rare, but also almost universally needed. A good example would be a ‘Radric Card’ which any player who wants to PVP is virtually required to have (as well as several ‘Hydra’ and at least one ‘Thara Frog’ card).

    Cards are, generally, a 1 in 10,000 chance to drop from that particular monster. That monster would usually be worth about 1,200 ‘zenny’ (their money) per kill. So you adjust that and you’ll see that you get about 12,000,000 zenny if you kill 10,000 Radrics. A good player could kill perhaps 200 per hour due to spawn. That results in 240,000 zenny per hour. The card, however, was often worth about 10,000,000 zenny. Now, this sounds like deflation, actually because the gain from farming exceeds the cost of the rare. The problem is that you could make over 1,500,000 zenny per hour selling yourself as a pocket healer, and over 750,000 by making a Blacksmith to use ‘Greed’ to loot some heavily populated tiny maps. The general thought was that a card drops on a normal map once every 8 hours (due to multiple ‘farmers’). As such, the game rewards farming (or ‘slaving’ healers) as a means of making money. Basically you are encouraged to play on maps that make the items rarer.

    I’ve seen prices on the above card as high as 30,000,000 and as low as 1,000,000. Why? Well, 1,000,000 was a long time ago. 30,000,000 was at the games peak. RO’s market sucked. WoW tried to control it with zomgexpensivenpccrap… WAR seems to have fixed it by making money fairly easy to get, while having moderately priced items that are often purchased and very useful. It’s a much more accessible system.

  2. rivers permalink
    February 14, 2009 7:03 am

    The in-game economy is always a intricate part to entailing MMO. I am not familiar of RO but it sounds alittle like battleforge, a card collector based MMO slated for release, not to go into detail you can check out a nice inside review of its beta from

  3. pancakez permalink*
    February 14, 2009 1:15 pm

    No, you kind of misunderstood. Cards in RO were essentially WoW’s enchanting, only much harder to get and since most items didn’t really have many stats of their own they were required for everything. It wasn’t about collecting cards, it was about enchanting your gear.

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