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Here we go again

January 30, 2009

So everyone is thrilled with the announcement of the Choppa and Slayer. Hell, I’m happy there’s finally another melee class. I probably won’t play one, seeing I have a preference to keep all my characters female and like the mechanics of the Witch Hunter/Witch Elf better. But I know Pancakez has been dying to play a Choppa. Back when they announced that they were cutting a bunch of classes, the Choppa was one, and his interest in the game dropped. And then we found some badass concept art and decided to play WAR strictly from that, so go us!

I have two concerns right now. It’s not even something like, will they be OP or how will they work with other classes. My concerns are if Pancakez is going to make it his main and the vast amount of people, mainly idiots, who will be making Choppas and Slayers the moment they are able to.

When Pancakez and I make characters, we try to make them so they will compliment each other. I have my Zealot for his Black Orc so he can have a pocket healer, and when we were on Order, I had my Witch Hunter and he had his Warrior Priest. So now the Choppa comes into play. Mythic has already announced that the Choppa doesn’t have much for CC, so playing a squishy healer probably won’t match up well. If I were to play a healer, I’d probably have to level a Disciple of Khaine. That’s absolutely fine, except last time I tried playing one I did a horrible job. I have issues beating on someone and healing at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a fabulous idea, I just don’t do that well with it. I truly don’t want to be a Disciple who stands in the back and heals, because I feel like they’re more useful in melee and healing, but that’s me.

And then there’s the option of me playing a tank. I’ve never played a tank class, but the Blackguard interests me a lot. Pancakez was telling me how it’s much more of a DPS tank compared to other tanks. So instead of him protecting me, I’d be protecting him. But again, I don’t know how well I would be as one. I guess we’ll see how things go. I’m happy to play as anything to play with my Pancakez ❤

Now the other side of things. I can’t tell you how irritated I was with the Heavy Metal event. Not the actual in game tasks, but the actual release of the Knights of BS and Blackguard. Why? Because EVERYONE and their mother was making one. It was even more frustrating doing a PQ with 4 Knights of BS and not a single one of them had a shield or used their taunt stuff. Now thankfully Choppas and Slayers only really DPS, so hopefully the mass idiots won’t mess that one up. But still, there’s going to be SO many people playing them initially. The starting areas are going to be like, 20 Choppas, and a couple other classes. Hopefully the higher tiers will be filled with Choppas that know what they’re doing and are dedicated.

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  1. pancakez permalink*
    January 30, 2009 1:01 pm

    We’ll just have to wait and see skill-lists and mastery trees… who knows what they’ll do to other classes as far as bugs and balance tweaks too…

  2. January 30, 2009 6:33 pm

    I’m looking forward to the slayer and choppa. I had given up WAR before the Heavy Metal live event but look forward to experience my first live event as well as unlocking my slayer early.

    I don’t have a permanent duo partner but you have a pretty good point. Though a dps/healer combo isn’t awful in most cases. You may have to experiment and study what classes have a synergy with the choppa. The beserking, how it functions and how easy it is to manage will be telling of the longevity for most players. I’m hoping many return to mains shortly after rolling. Unlike WoW’s DK /sigh they now make up about half the population of that game.

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