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Speculations gone wild

January 28, 2009

First off, oh my god… we have a facepalm category… *facepalm* Nice going, Pancakez.

Second off, my actual post!

I’ve been quite excited with all the postcards people have been receiving from Mythic. The idea is just badass. To me, it seems Mythic is really reaching out to the community and interacting with us. I’ve never truly seen any other company do that with MMOs. Some other bloggers seem to get pissy about the fact they never got a postcard  and that Mythic should’ve picked from a “larger array of blogs” to send to. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m happy enough knowing that people are getting actual mail from Mythic. It’s going to be posted  on the interwebz either way. 

Only downside is I’m really bad with puzzles. I mean, I suck at crosswords and Sudoku, so I utterly fail at trying to figure out what the mail means. Ok, hurhur, it’s kind of obvious it has something to do with Witch Elves and Vday, but people have been saying stuff like, the numbers relate to something. You know, how they say 6/13 or 4/13. And they’re getting meanings out of that. And so on and so on. Yeah, while everyone is trying to figure that out, I’m still in awe over how pretty the cards are. Guess that’s the graphic designer in me.

All that aside, I do think something big is going to happen the 29th… which is tomorrow! Pancakez is hoping for the Choppa and Slayer to be released. I’m hoping for a big patch announcement where they can fix all the bugs and retarded things, like lag during keep captures. Some people have gone into depth about what they want to see the 29th or even what they absolutely expect from Mythic and if it doesn’t happen they’ll quit or something stupid like that. Me? I’m just happy knowing that they’re doing their best. If they announce the classes, that’s awesome. If they announce an expansion in the making, that’s awesome. If they announce class balancing and redoing mechanics, that’s awesome.

I’ve yet to be absolutely and utterly furious with Mythic over something they did. I could probably write a book about all the times I threw my hands up in the air and went “WHAT?!” over something they changed in the past MMOs I’ve played. So far, WAR has yet to hit that book. And trust me, if it ever does, ALL of you will know!

Until then, I will be a happy Omelettez.


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    January 28, 2009 1:06 pm

    …and we were just talking about viral marketing the other day, too. Also, forget quitting, if they teased us this much about Choppa and don’t deliver I’m killing myself. With a spork.

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