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wots in da name?

January 26, 2009

“Wots in da name? Dat wot we callz a stuntie

Wit any udder name wud still smash real gud!”

-Ancient Orc Proverb

I’ve always taken a lot of care naming characters. Sometimes that care is taking a lot of time to make sure it’s just right. Sometimes I even look up names to make sure they fit. It’s pretty rare that I make a character whose name simply does not fit a setting. Occasionally I do simply because the name is personally satisfying. Do you want to be burned to death by pancakez? Do you!?

I guess it’s the old D&D nerd in me. My DM wouldn’t let me play a halfling rogue named Tohnipa, because despite my clever spelling, ‘toe-nipper’ doesn’t really fit the dark feel of most campaigns we ran. I guess that’s some of the fun of being an Orc in WAR though, Slopsmash Backcrusha actually fits. So does Sqgrk Facelicker. For the record, that’s the noise a gobbo makes when punted ‘just right.’ I have been known to use names that I like, from anime, or plays, though. Particularly in WoW I often used names from Bleach. The only instance of that in WAR so far as a character from an English play and considering it’s an Empire character, in a way it fits. What character? Well, I can say that he once saw a fool in the forest. A motley fool, at that.

Sometimes I wonder if any other people spend more time trying to find a suitable name than actually picking their character’s look.


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  1. Omelettez permalink*
    January 26, 2009 3:12 pm

    Most of my character names are thought out, like named after some badass goddess of awesomesauce… and then I name characters after favorite typefaces because I’m such a graphic design dork.

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