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sisqo would be proud

January 26, 2009

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my previous post. Primarily because I felt the need, in my disbelief, to grab Kiss of Doom and see if it was actually accurate. Having done that, I couldn’t help but want to expand those numbers some. By expand, I mean to apply the numbers to a rank 40. As you may recall I used rank 17 previously. Using basically the same math, I expanded those numbers using full rank 40 builds. 9/13 Inq/Judge for the Witch Hunter and 13/9 Carn/Suff for the Witch Elf. Both are builds I’d already looked at, so it seemed like a good place to start, especially with both builds having the same rank ability at 34.

I took those same formulas, but with newer numbers. That is they’re now using 47.4 DPS weapons, have 700 strength and of course, higher level abilities. What’s the result? Well. Numbers. It works out to be a bit worse than before. Because the daggers I used for the Witch Elf seemed like a good ‘not impossible to get’ choice, they also happen to be 1.5 speed. This means the Witch Elf is no longer getting eight, but ten auto-attacks, for a total of 18 attacks in 10 seconds. It’s also foreboding that because of the way ranks scale abilities, Kiss damage has caught up slightly to Bullets. Previously bullets did 70% more damage, with this setup they only do 60% more. That is 430 vs 268.

So we run the same little model and wind up with the Witch Hunter getting 430 damage every 8.4 seconds, for 51.1 DPS. Almost doubled from 17, which at least shows some scaling. Our Witch Elf on the other hand has gone up to 2,412 damage, or a 241 DPS increase. For giggles the ‘perfect’ damage is 4,824 damage, but has a 1 in about 140,000 chance of happening. When taking out Kiss of Doom you find that the DPS drops down to about 120, average at 1206 damage. That means that this one tactic slot is worth about 120 DPS by itself. It also means that without it, Kisses are 2.35 times better than Bullets, while with it they’re 4.71 times better.

Another thing struck me, however. Ruthless Assault and Trail by Pain deal equal damage, despite tool tips being written in different ways so that Trial by Pain is harder to understand. That is, except that when these finishers are used, Kisses are better than Bullets. Scary, but true as far as I can tell. Take that 50% Kiss chance and apply it to 6 hits and you’ll find that, well, it’s an average. That’s 804 damage. I’m not sure about higher ranks, but I’ve never seen Bullets hit more than once with Trial by Pain. Of course, you’re missing just as many attacks that trigger kisses with two specials and 2-4 auto attacks as well as the double hit Kiss, but it’s fun to think about… if you’re not a Witch Hunter.



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