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January 24, 2009

No, not the web editing software. It sucks.

I was sitting down to write my original post for last night, before I got distracted ranting about Arnold’s lovely accent. The same accent that has brought me such lovely things to yell as ‘NAO.’ Not ‘ni hao’ mind you, but ‘nao.’  Before you ask, no, I don’t care about oscillation. Anyway, I was rummaging through stuff, going to troll forums a bit. Note, I mean this in the nautical sense. I have a net. I was tired enough to actually stop and read the first page, instead of jumping right to something like the Greenskin forums to randomly drool over Choppa posts.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, hey… that’s cool. We started this up a few days ago because we’re both into writing, and WAR and thought it would be fun. I don’t have to worry about posting things no one cares about on a forum, I can just vent. Warhammer Alliance has been sort of a new home for my neurosis. I used to be an EJ nut. Tankspot was my home page. You think you got track marks from your life on the street? You should see my bookmarks.

With the lack of an official forum, Omelettez old stomping grounds, we both very quickly gravitated to Warhammer Alliance. I can spout my theorycrafting, she laugh at all the drama. Between that, WarDB and some select blogs, I’m pretty happy at work with some good reading material. It’s very cool of them to help out us fresh bloggers, as is everyone else helping out with the Age of Blogging movement, thing. Honestly, my nose is usually too deep in a book to keep track, but my better (and eggier) half knows a lot more about it all.

So, I’m flattered. I guess small fries have a place in a big boiler too.

Oh yeah, my original topic? Leveling out a tier, while in that tier, while RVR flagged? Funniest sound ever. Omelettez’ first time being turned into a chicken created an awesome Bagoock-DUN DUN! noise that left my sides hurting for quite some time. Nothing short of epic win.

So, thanks for the spotlight to Warhammer Alliance and thanks for making me never take that leveling noise seriously again to Omelettez.


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