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why breakfast was made

January 23, 2009

The way Omelettez and I came to WAR is an odd story, when I think about it. Imagine a couple who raided heavily in WoW. I was the main tank and tank lead of the guild and Omelettez was my awesome little healer. We become disatisfied with the game, and in particular the drama it seems to squeeze out of its players, should they want to be competitive. So, we quit.

Flash back almost a year, we were in another guild, on another server, trying to be casual. We wound up being that, but we still raided off and on with a close-knit group. In fact, we were roleplaying most of our time. Our guild leader was in the… I forget which Beta, for WAR. I believe it was the ‘Guild Beta.’ I may be very wrong. In any case he is probably the one who planted the seed. The PVP felt rewarding, that was what really appealed to me.

Flash back well over another year. WoW was in its early stages, I was in another guild, on yet another server. I was the main tank for a different raiding guild, farming BWL, AQ40, whatever came our way. That wasn’t what I really enjoyed though. I enjoyed the grind to High Warlord. Due to my raid progress, I stopped at Rank 13. I had better weapons, so it didn’t appeal to me as much. I kept PVPing, but not yet knowing Omelettez, I had to settle for much less delicious heals.

Back then WoW PVP was all about having one decked out character run around destroying wave after wave of Alliance. Or Horde, if you’re a godless heathen. In any case, I was one of those decked out Warriors with three pocket healers that ran a gravy train around Arathi Basin two shotting all the fresh 60 PVE kiddies in greens. It took no skill, but it felt good.


Gimme sumfin' ta chop!

So, with my past in hand and a tidbit of information, I read up on WAR in my spare time. One thing stood out in big bold awesomeness. I had always loved the Warrior class and always thought it was a fun idea, beat on people to get pissed off, then hit them again… and again… and maybe some more! Is it any surprise that the Choppa caught my eye? No lore behind it. Maybe just one of da Boyz who was particularly choppy. does it matter? I loved the idea.

That was the seed, but sadly the soil got tainted. It was announced that Choppa had been chopped for release, along with Hammerer, Blackguard and Knight of Bulls…Blazing Sun. I didn’t really care about anything but that the class that I really, really wanted to see had went up in smoke. I lost faith in the possibility that the games designers knew what they were doing.

Flash forward another few months, we’ve quit WoW and I’m spending my time playing Antbuster and Linerider. One morning a friend of mine sends me a very cool picture. I have no clue what it is, just an old fashion looking swordsman with a nifty hat. I can’t help but reply asking what it was from. Turns out it was Witch Hunter concept art from WAR. I sent it to Omelettez, knowing she appreciates cool pictures. We both look through art and get more and more impressed by the concept art.

That’s all well and good, but I don’t think much of it. I keep looking off and on, as does she, but with no real intention of playing. Finally, one day I find the newest (and current) introduction movie. I was floored, to be honest. I sent it to Omelettez and she thought it was amazing. In particular she loved the Sorceress. I couldn’t complain, because well, who could? I was much more focused on how funny the Squig Herder was. I didn’t really like the appeal of the class itself, but the Goblins seemed extremely amusing.

So that was all good, but she runs a Mac. This is great for WoW because it’s developed for Mac and PC… however, WAR was not. So, we dismissed the idea. Days go by, maybe a week and I think maybe I could play casually just to pass time. As we look into it we realize that hey, we could just throw Windows on her Mac via Bootcamp and run WAR! So, long story short, we did.

Funny thing is, when we started playing, she looked over things and thought about the classes a bit. She realize that well, Disciple of Khaine seemed like an awesome (and equally saucy) idea. I rolled it over in my head, then made a Marauder. We didn’t play them for a long time, and we switched to Sorceress and Shaman for a longer time before falling back and forth between servers, and factions. We wound up on a Warrior Priest and Witch Hunter for a while, because as we found, the female Witch Hunters just have ‘da butt’ a mystical power which can enthrall and dominate the psyche. I was healing though and Omelettez started to miss that healin’ feelin’ so we switched it up.

She’d had an Archmage she made with my White Lion as a side project and I had an Ironbreaker I made when she was working. I didn’t like how hard it was to protect her as a White Lion, so we paired the Archmage and Ironbreaker. It was extremely fun, but well, I just wasn’t green enough. So, we made a Black Orc and Zealot. Same kind of idea, mostly, just a tad different.

So here I am, but there’s still that voice in the back of my head, praying that the recent hints are true. Worshiping my tiny idol of chopping and praying go Gork (because Mork is for sissies!) that the 29th will finally bring forth the class that first made me smile thinking about WAR.


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  1. Omelettez permalink*
    January 23, 2009 9:28 am

    I can’t believe you just tagged my butt D=

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