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he’s unkillable?

January 22, 2009

Duh? Last night during some low-tier open RvR I saw several people mention that an opposing Swordmaster couldn’t be killed. He was tanking about four DPS and had two Warrior Priests, a Runepriest and an Archmage all healing him. With that much healing focused only on him if he went down like a wet paper bag, it wouldn’t be fair. It really made me think about whether or not up-and-coming players really understand team play.

I’m fairly positive that they saw me leading charges and pushing the enemies lines and never seemed to go down. It’s possible that they thought I wasn’t soaking up damage, but if they asked any of the healers present, I was definitely taking quite a beating. It seems to be a problem with newer players, and mostly ranged DPS. I assume it’s because melee understand how dangerous the front line is and how quickly you can go down without healing.

So it still goes back to our amazing Swordmaster tanking four ranged without dying. That’s his job. He has that shield on in the hope that he can be annoying enough to draw your fire and threatening enough that he can draw heals if ignored. The Swordmaster really wasn’t ever going to die with that little DPS on him, just like I wasn’t going to die to a couple Engineers and Bright Wizards when their best hits deal under a hundred and fifty damage to me. Throw in block, dodge and disrupt and it’s not going to happen for a very long time.

What they couldn’t grasp, and my Witch Elf assist partner (never caught his/her name) definitely understood is that it was a race. Some races are long, some races are short. Some require precise turns and tricks, some you just floor it and power through. Healers have a shorter, easier track than a tank. It’s amazing how fast our unkillable Swordmaster went down once we dispatched both his Warrior Priests and his Archmage, causing his Runepriest to flee.

Sometimes it just isn’t about how much damage you deal, but where you aim it. If the situation was exactly the same, but the Swordmaster was a Witch Hunter, or White Lion, it’s not very likely that our four DPS wouldn’t have been able to take them down. Even with heals, a good burst could have dropped them. Not only that, but there would have been a real danger of our ranged DPS, or healers dying if we went after their healers first.

CC the tank, kite the tank, seperate a tank from their healers… but don’t fall into their trap. I say this as a tank, if you’re wasting your fire on me, I’m happy. It’s harder for a healer to keep a Witch Hunter up with me attacking it than it is for a healer to keep me up with a Witch Hunter attacking me. It’s probably even easier if I ignore the Witch Hunter and beat on his Bright Wizard friend. As long as a tank has your attentionpancakez, he’s doing his job.

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