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There are more effective ways of getting heals, you know.

January 21, 2009

Last night, Pancakez and I were on our Black Orc and Zealot. Nothing overly special, we just rolled them from being on Order side. I’m really enjoying the Zealot though. I had an Archmage before and I felt so stationary. I only had one heal that I could use when I moved around. So if someone was on me. I had to stay put and focus on healing myself, then pray someone would save me. With the Zealot, I feel not as helpless.

So we’re in Nordenwatch, which is just bad idea written all over it, but it’s a good way to get renown at that rank. Now, my main concern in anything with Pancakez is healing him. Not only is he doing a good job at tanking and being useful, I know I’ll get the puppy eyes later if I let him die. Aside from that, I try to heal people who are being useful. I’m not going to heal a rank 2 Witch Elf who is running around in circles and thinks doing their ranged weapon attack at someone who is running towards them is a wonderful idea. No, it usually ends up being a higher rank tank or dps or something. Sometimes I get other healers, but only if they’re healing pretty well. There’s no point in me wasting action points to save someone who has only contributed 1000 healing the entire match.

So imagine me, a cute lil’ Zealot, healing a big, badass Black Orc… and then some rank 3 people come over to me and start jumping up and down in front of me. Now, in past games where I have healed, I clicked on unit frames. When I started in WAR, I didn’t like the unit frames, so I would click on people near me. I just redid my UI and have Squared now (by the way, if you’re a healer who doesn’t have that mod, stop reading and get it NAO), so it’s much easier for me. But regardless, I forget that and, hur hur, I click on people sometimes. So I go to click on Pancakez and some idiot Blackguard and Magus are standing in front of me, jumping up and down. I click them accidentally and Pancakez dies. It gets worse as everyone he was holding at the bridge flooded over, killed all of us, and took Fortress.

Now why were some rank 3 people jumping up and down in front of me? Because they were low on health…. Ok, now that my eye has stopped twitching, I can go on. You know, there are REALLY better ways to get healed. First of all, if you were putting out more damage or CCing better or just doing something useful, I would heal you. I know in later tiers people at low ranks can be useful. I’ve seen plenty of rank 21s in tier 3 put out more damage or heals than other people. Maybe the other people sucked and ran around in circles going “Hur hur” the whole time… who knows. But when you are rank 3? Seriously now. I did utterly crap healing at rank 3. I couldn’t even keep myself alive. And if someone out there has numbers of a lowbie outdoing everyone else, please send it to me, because I think that would be freaking awesome and even worthy of being my desktop wallpaper. But until then, I’m not healing them.

Aside from the fact they were lowbiw morons, I was actively healing a tank who had probably 5 or more people on him. Who the hell am I going to heal first? Not you, seeing all you’re doing is jumping up and down in front of me, being a moron. If anything, I’ll throw some hots on the tank so I can take some time to /lol at you and then go back to healing.

And you know, if you really need heals and I’m not giving you any, I’m sure if you were polite enough to say, “Hey, could I get a heal quickly?” I’ll probably throw a hot on you or give you a couple small heals to make things better. I’m not going to use like, two big heals on you, especially when you’re right there, doing nothing, and not getting attacked. If you were running towards me, dying, and had someone on you, I would probably highly consider healing you. I know I run to Pancakez, or at least try to, when I have someone on me. And I know he runs to me when he’s out of range or line of sight for me to get to him.

In the end, it all comes down to teamwork, and I think people get into this mentality that MMOs are just solo things, where everything is about you. I know I wouldn’t get anywhere with my green meatshield protecting me. I would probably have that acheivement title where you get killed 1000+ times in RvR. And I know Pancakez wouldn’t get far without his adorable pocket healer keeping him alive. He would probably have that acheivement title, too. If we only worked together more and better, I think there would be less lawl-worthy crap going on.

And on that note, I am totally letting Pancakez die more so he can get the Meat Shield title!


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  1. pancakez permalink*
    January 21, 2009 2:46 pm

    I wonder if there’s a title for sleeping on the couch…

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